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    04 March 2015 - 11:46 PM
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    04 March 2015 - 01:31 PM
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    04 March 2015 - 05:54 AM
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    01 March 2015 - 01:47 AM
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    01 March 2015 - 01:16 AM
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    28 February 2015 - 07:31 PM
  • JohnnieNashville ( $25.00 )
    28 February 2015 - 03:27 PM

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Our admins are not obligated to give out invitations and asking/harassing for them may harm your chances of becoming a member in the future.

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Latest Posts
21 questions Australia has for the USA in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 148   replies: 36
Started By: DEEJAYKEG (Mar 03 2015 09:30 PM)
Last Reply: STARPICKET (Today, 08:44 AM)
Who gives a fuck what the differences are!Australia and America (USA) are still friends as history supports.
Open Warfare 2 beta 4 in Call Of Duty 4 Views: 152   replies: 32
Started By: Sammy (Mar 02 2015 01:11 AM)
Last Reply: P!nk (Today, 08:25 AM)
The body armor is horrible, i might as well go back playing freezetag 1, this is totally no hardcore that is for sure!I used the Rpd and it has in every game and every mod a powerfull weapon, now if you would use a waterpistol you have a...
Post pics of your lets see what people look like in General Discussion Views: 8108   replies: 347
Started By: Stringer (Feb 10 2015 11:31 PM)
Last Reply: Stringer (Today, 08:12 AM)
EU Hardcore map idea's. in Battlefield 4 Views: 28   replies: 8
Started By: nosleep (Yesterday, 04:35 PM)
Last Reply: Sonovabich (Today, 07:39 AM)
Keep Rush and Obliteration out  altogether for me, they stink the game out.
At the movies... in General Discussion Views: 44   replies: 14
Started By: Joe Canadian (Yesterday, 06:28 PM)
Last Reply: Mule (Today, 07:39 AM)
Hell @
No video to 4K TV after windows loads in Computer Help Views: 46   replies: 10
Started By: LiquidStool (Mar 04 2015 07:22 PM)
Last Reply: LiquidStool (Today, 06:42 AM)
Hey Joe no my card won't support 4K, that shouldn't be a problem though, the tv should automatically switch resolution to match the input. My card when it was last connected to a different tv was using a full Hd resolution.I'll look at th...
What I do when i'm not Playing videogames in General Discussion Views: 641   replies: 66
Started By: Gam3rGurL (Feb 17 2015 07:56 PM)
Last Reply: Gam3rGurL (Today, 06:22 AM)
And here's another quick ones I did
How to catch a Canadian in General Discussion Views: 13   replies: 1
Started By: hxtr (Today, 06:16 AM)
Last Reply: Gam3rGurL (Today, 06:18 AM)
Only a few Canadians tho lol some you have to use Rum lol
What Are You Listening To Today? in General Discussion Views: 18796   replies: 2087
Started By: blackcat (Jul 22 2012 03:39 PM)
Last Reply: limitbreaklou (Today, 05:30 AM)
Slash and Myles Kennedy featuring the Destroyers are amazing. This is a great cover. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q02ewL00LE Plus they are phenomenal together with their new tunes.  I highly recomm...
Please Welcome MikeWestin To Our Clan in Clan Membership Views: 71   replies: 30
Started By: ROCKAPE (Mar 04 2015 08:36 PM)
Last Reply: MikeWestin (Today, 05:07 AM)
codpiece - you know where Youngker HS is?  I am usually there on Tuesday nights for Volleyball!  We will have to meet up sometime!  
Can anyone identify this military looking vehicle and the markings on the side? in General Discussion Views: 147   replies: 16
Started By: hxtr (Mar 04 2015 05:41 PM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 04:52 AM)
its all for shoveling all the shit u type an speak hahahaha !fu hxtr !fu xi lmaohahahaha No doubt. 
This is more Frenchi's style in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 12442   replies: 1131
Started By: Sonovabich (Apr 04 2011 11:33 AM)
Last Reply: FRENCHI (Today, 03:33 AM)
oww joe canadian in here lol 
Modified weapons in General Discussion Views: 29   replies: 1
Started By: Nighto (Today, 02:15 AM)
Last Reply: iboomboom (Today, 02:26 AM)
Thank you for posting this @Night...
Please Welcome Nisty* To Our Clan in Clan Membership Views: 498   replies: 91
Started By: ROCKAPE (Feb 08 2015 05:20 PM)
Last Reply: Nisty* (Today, 02:19 AM)
Thanks SGTScott!
Unreal Engine 4 Now Without Monthly Fee in General Discussion Views: 75   replies: 12
Started By: Warmonger (Mar 04 2015 11:30 PM)
Last Reply: iboomboom (Today, 02:11 AM)
we'll just ask the British to move to the US.
New vehicle in General Discussion Views: 15   replies: 1
Started By: Painsponge (Today, 01:59 AM)
Last Reply: loaderXI (Today, 02:06 AM)
Alright Big Money Skip....Dont be pimpen the strip   Nice whip beech
World at War - FFA Server in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 81   replies: 12
Started By: DogYears (Mar 04 2015 06:55 AM)
Last Reply: Hunter (Yesterday, 11:55 PM)
Bump I asked him to read the post.
Just for Hxtr... in General Discussion Views: 51   replies: 13
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 03:42 PM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Yesterday, 11:29 PM)
My crib.. hahahahhahahahaa
>XI< Fest in Vegas Oct 9,10,11 2015 Members and non member welcome in Community News Views: 1518   replies: 156
Started By: Ruggerxi (Dec 29 2014 06:48 PM)
Last Reply: Ruggerxi (Yesterday, 11:08 PM)
Changed dates, flying in on Thursday the 8th till Sunday the 11th. 
Mac Book restore data on drive advice. in Apple computer help Views: 16   replies: 5
Started By: hxtr (Yesterday, 09:14 PM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Yesterday, 10:36 PM)
oh and jn I have the drivers... I was lucky enough to find that.
PERSONAL KNIFE MESSAGE in Battlefield 4 Views: 1834   replies: 93
Started By: EDD THE DUCK (Apr 13 2014 12:09 PM)
Last Reply: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 10:00 PM)
On Kill;If %v% contains JohnyNashvile_XI ;Weapon Melee;Say %p% STABBED %v% , Why do you have a knife sticking out your ars? Thanks in advance, jn
Must haves for the Bathroom in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 63   replies: 9
Started By: Gatorgirl (Yesterday, 03:32 PM)
Last Reply: Nisty* (Yesterday, 08:50 PM)
Haha yeah I saw that episode
Time to introduce myself in Introductions Views: 49   replies: 18
Started By: bds1961 (Mar 04 2015 08:48 PM)
Last Reply: MikeB  (Yesterday, 07:53 PM)
You will always be "Buds" to me !!!! 
Sig for GeForce in Signatures Views: 63   replies: 3
Started By: Nisty* (Mar 04 2015 09:36 PM)
Last Reply: Nisty* (Yesterday, 04:17 PM)
Haha that's what my homie wanted ya know what I'm sayin'
Happy Birthday Wolf44 in User Announcements Views: 20   replies: 10
Started By: Gatorgirl (Mar 04 2015 06:10 PM)
Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Yesterday, 03:46 PM)
happy birthday
Happy Birthday Gunner66 in User Announcements Views: 24   replies: 13
Started By: Gatorgirl (Mar 04 2015 06:09 PM)
Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Yesterday, 03:46 PM)
happy birthday
XI_SNIPER Server for COD5 in User Announcements Views: 132   replies: 22
Started By: Labob (Mar 01 2015 02:50 PM)
Last Reply: Labob (Yesterday, 03:18 PM)
i'M GUESSING YOU GOT THEM ALL NOW ?? Now its going to behard work to find new ones Guess thats good news.  ...
Lets see what it looks like out your front window in General Discussion Views: 862   replies: 64
Started By: ViPRZ (Feb 15 2015 06:47 PM)
Last Reply: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 02:51 PM)
3 to 4 inches of snow here... jn