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      31 Mar

    Just want to wish my dad good luck for tomorrow as he is getting test done to see if he could get a new LIVER :D GOOD LUCK DAD x

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Latest Posts
Happy Birthday wildbill72 in User Announcements Views: 18   replies: 9
Started By: GeForce (Today, 12:53 AM)
Last Reply: Zaubermaus76 (Today, 02:19 PM)
Happy Birthday enjoy the Day
smoke coming out of oil dipstick... lol in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 53   replies: 13
Started By: eidolonFIRE (Yesterday, 10:51 PM)
Last Reply: Labob (Today, 02:14 PM)
Ah pistons just flop back and forth on the rod. I use a ramrod solid and long with a big head. Packs a wad really well. ")
A question for the Brits in General Discussion Views: 0   replies: 0
Started By: codpiece (Today, 02:12 PM)
Last Reply: codpiece (Today, 02:12 PM)
I have followed the discovery and reburial of Richard III for a few years. It is an unprecedented and truly once in a lifetime event to witness. I watched this youtube clip from the BBC presenting the reburial on TV. I was really surprised that...
Please welcome Barron3000 to the Battlefield admin team in User Announcements Views: 40   replies: 13
Started By: Ruggerxi (Yesterday, 03:38 PM)
Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Today, 01:54 PM)
Xtremeidiots pack Modlist in Minecraft Views: 231   replies: 46
Started By: KingStinger! (Mar 25 2015 03:50 AM)
Last Reply: KingStinger! (Today, 01:53 PM)
All configs are complete. Except for millionaire, Vashta and/or Velamuna could one or both of you look of that config for be as I am oblivious of that mod lol. Other than that all the mods configs are set to role. The only one I made a huge change...
Happy Birthday STRETCH>XI< in User Announcements Views: 43   replies: 21
Started By: ROCKAPE (Yesterday, 10:55 AM)
Last Reply: EXTRAKAMIKAZE QC (Today, 01:52 PM)
happy birthday
As promised this post is for Killerkitty! in General Discussion Views: 543   replies: 72
Started By: P!nk (Mar 26 2015 02:56 PM)
Last Reply: pwrcrzy52 (Today, 01:50 PM)
:give_rose:FU Kitty
Post your dog here! in General Discussion Views: 77   replies: 12
Started By: Bor2013 (Yesterday, 09:23 PM)
Last Reply: JohnnieNashville (Today, 01:48 PM)
Bella and Sam on guard duty...looking for squirrels in the front yard... jn  
Have seen this coming for a while now, sorry in General Discussion Views: 2385   replies: 257
Started By: StormCrow (Oct 27 2014 07:10 PM)
Last Reply: pwrcrzy52 (Today, 01:47 PM)
FU BoomBoom
Some of the best April Fool's Jokes... in General Discussion Views: 1   replies: 1
Started By: MadMonk64 (Today, 01:40 PM)
Last Reply: MadMonk64 (Today, 01:41 PM)
New rotation is in for XISNIPER server in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 0   replies: 0
Started By: 2_MANY_BEERS (Today, 01:40 PM)
Last Reply: 2_MANY_BEERS (Today, 01:40 PM)
downloader is updated.  We have some new maps coming your way as soon as I get them into rotation...
Sniper Tournament in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 0   replies: 0
Started By: Labob (Today, 01:34 PM)
Last Reply: Labob (Today, 01:34 PM)
 I'm starting to look into having a Sniper Tourny with SOS. I would like to know if anybody is interested and what times would be best. ie Saturday between 12 and 3 pm and so on. Also what maps you would like to use.  ...
MIA in General Discussion Views: 6   replies: 1
Started By: ViPeR  (Today, 05:50 AM)
Last Reply: MR.THJ (Today, 01:34 PM)
Hurry back!
New Rotation In For COD5 DM2 Beer Barrel Brawl Server in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 0   replies: 0
Started By: 2_MANY_BEERS (Today, 01:28 PM)
Last Reply: 2_MANY_BEERS (Today, 01:28 PM)
Vincent reminded me that it needed changed. LOL  Downloader is updated. 
What I do when i'm not Playing videogames in General Discussion Views: 1002   replies: 87
Started By: Gam3rGurL (Feb 17 2015 07:56 PM)
Last Reply: nosleep (Today, 01:21 PM)
link broken, cant edit post, so here is working link... https://www.mixcloud.com/nosleep/chillin-off-my-face/
Windows 7 ultimate not booting in Computer Help Views: 39   replies: 7
Started By: cuteboobies (Yesterday, 01:48 PM)
Last Reply: google (Today, 12:22 PM)
if  you have two hard drives  change  boot priority  hard drive  on bios
new map pack in Battlefield 4 Views: 51   replies: 7
Started By: Brit14d (Mar 28 2015 10:06 PM)
Last Reply: Sonovabich (Today, 12:20 PM)
That will mean we got Firestorm and Gulf of Oman on BF3 BF4 and BF5 hmmm can't wait.
new map rotations cod4 for mw2 in Call Of Duty 4 Views: 13   replies: 2
Started By: dadda2 (Yesterday, 08:50 PM)
Last Reply: NITRO (Today, 05:47 AM)
Ty Dadda and Cobra
Happy Birthday Yellow Snow in User Announcements Views: 40   replies: 15
Started By: MsRude (Mar 30 2015 07:06 PM)
Last Reply: YellowSnow (Today, 04:37 AM)
Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.
Class 1/A questionairre in General Discussion Views: 35   replies: 3
Started By: Devilsbed (Mar 26 2015 12:26 AM)
Last Reply: Devilsbed (Today, 03:30 AM)
It's all good mate.  I just went to the local truck stop here in Abby and talked to a guy and got it done.  But I appreciate it.
Car Tires Recommendations in Automobile Repair Help Views: 184   replies: 26
Started By: iboomboom (Mar 23 2015 11:59 PM)
Last Reply: iboomboom (Today, 02:47 AM)
Yeah i looked up the spec before heading down there its a summer tire.
Good Luck To My Dad in General Discussion Views: 41   replies: 6
Started By: Fire (Yesterday, 01:03 AM)
Last Reply: Mule (Today, 12:54 AM)
I wish all the good luck to your dad .
Ok, we've done faces, lets do cars now! in General Discussion Views: 245   replies: 30
Started By: Blaze (Yesterday, 10:31 AM)
Last Reply: Mule (Today, 12:49 AM)
I want the VW
supa in Insurgency Views: 54   replies: 3
Started By: Stringer (Mar 25 2015 02:21 AM)
Last Reply: IrishPRICK (Today, 12:15 AM)
supa doesnt care stringer lol
Scrim team in Battlefield 4 Views: 362   replies: 44
Started By: Stringer (Feb 26 2015 05:11 AM)
Last Reply: huskeryu (Yesterday, 11:57 PM)
Cool, I'm down.
Please Welcome bds1961 To Our Clan in Clan Membership Views: 86   replies: 32
Started By: ROCKAPE (Mar 30 2015 02:47 PM)
Last Reply: Painsponge (Yesterday, 10:02 PM)
Welcome buddy!   
PlanetSide 2 in Other Games Views: 21   replies: 2
Started By: Bor2013 (Yesterday, 09:09 PM)
Last Reply: Bor2013 (Yesterday, 09:13 PM)
u found it on steam, it's free to play!
Why i played hardcore in BF4 (No Normal Mode) in Battlefield 4 Views: 58   replies: 6
Started By: Bor2013 (Mar 26 2015 12:36 AM)
Last Reply: Bor2013 (Yesterday, 09:00 PM)
I still prefer classic mode out of all of them... I know a couple more people do also, but we are in the minority....