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Our admins are not obligated to give out invitations and asking/harassing for them may harm your chances of becoming a member in the future.

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Latest Posts
FU MEDAL in General Discussion Views: 57   replies: 15
Started By: BillyBuerst (Yesterday, 05:55 PM)
Last Reply: Ricko (Today, 03:05 AM)
sweet !fu all who gets it
Married 23 years today in User Announcements Views: 25   replies: 11
Started By: Hunter (Yesterday, 11:56 PM)
Last Reply: Zaubermaus76 (Today, 03:05 AM)
21 questions Australia has for the USA in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 46   replies: 19
Started By: DEEJAYKEG (Yesterday, 09:30 PM)
Last Reply: little_old_man (Today, 02:45 AM)
Certain things we buy in the US do include tax.  In California more than .63 cents per gallon of gasoline is taxes and that amount varies by state, which is why the price per gallon is broken down into tenths....
Happy Birthday MacDaddy! in User Announcements Views: 30   replies: 15
Started By: TheLastColdBeer (Yesterday, 11:32 AM)
Last Reply: window (Today, 01:46 AM)
Happy Birthday Mac.
>XI< Fest in Vegas Oct 9,10,11 2015 Members and non member welcome in Community News Views: 1481   replies: 153
Started By: Ruggerxi (Dec 29 2014 06:48 PM)
Last Reply: KingStinger! (Today, 12:52 AM)
Oh.......I can't go if KingStinger is going.........you know you wanna
"Game disconnected: server full" error message driving me mad! in Battlefield 4 Views: 25   replies: 3
Started By: DeathWaveUK (Yesterday, 08:17 PM)
Last Reply: iboomboom (Today, 12:18 AM)
When you buy the game the server will open up a slot, true story!
Setting Ram Timings in Computer Help Views: 64   replies: 7
Started By: Blackbart (Mar 01 2015 07:41 PM)
Last Reply: KaptCrunch (Today, 12:03 AM)
Bart if have Asus SuiteII installed    check your bios version   note  current is 3703 with stability issues fixed then update with Asus Suite if needed
25 People Who Passed Out Drunk and Woke Up as "Art" in General Discussion Views: 45   replies: 8
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 07:26 PM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Yesterday, 11:51 PM)
At least some of those have to be staged. If not, while it might be a great chuckle among friends I wouldnt be happy to see it online for all t...
XI SHIRTS ARE IN!!!! JUST GOT MINE! in General Discussion Views: 100   replies: 11
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 12:03 AM)
Last Reply: Nisty* (Yesterday, 11:45 PM)
Yay got our t-shirts!
Dress Color in General Discussion Views: 154   replies: 23
Started By: Devildog4355 (Feb 27 2015 03:49 AM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Yesterday, 11:25 PM)
Goldish with a bunch of cum stains on it.
Open Warfare 2 beta 4 in Call Of Duty 4 Views: 91   replies: 18
Started By: Sammy (Mar 02 2015 01:11 AM)
Last Reply: Sammy (Yesterday, 11:22 PM)
Conditions where you will see the armor icon if it absorbed anything: explosives of any kind. primary weapon damage without the AP perk. If you have AP then you get the 'x'. For the crossbow, it has the same 1.4 head and helm...
Suo, guys and gals. in Introductions Views: 157   replies: 21
Started By: Pizzaandcola (Jan 12 2015 02:48 PM)
Last Reply: soGuy (Yesterday, 10:54 PM)
Pizza and Cola, what a great combo! Welcome
Hey all in Introductions Views: 101   replies: 16
Started By: IgnitedFlames4 (Feb 08 2015 10:52 AM)
Last Reply: soGuy (Yesterday, 10:52 PM)
just started in Introductions Views: 57   replies: 13
Started By: FLOYD50 (Feb 28 2015 05:26 AM)
Last Reply: soGuy (Yesterday, 10:51 PM)
Heller! Welcome
BF4 Patch all net-codes fixed finally in General Discussion Views: 55   replies: 6
Started By: TheHammer007 (Yesterday, 10:39 AM)
Last Reply: FunkyChickn (Yesterday, 10:23 PM)
Will it stop me getting stuck on the front of @
Handy Guide to Tactical Sign Language in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 7   replies: 0
Started By: Astronomer (Yesterday, 10:19 PM)
Last Reply: Astronomer (Yesterday, 10:19 PM)
Whatcha gonna do about it? in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 44   replies: 2
Started By: iboomboom (Mar 02 2015 05:32 AM)
Last Reply: eidolonFIRE (Yesterday, 09:33 PM)
what an asshole.
[Release] Mohaa's Snowypark in Map Makers Forum Views: 189   replies: 20
Started By: Icey (Jan 24 2015 02:33 PM)
Last Reply: Dessy (Yesterday, 09:24 PM)
i loved this map back in the good old moh days very nice work.
Camry killer in General Discussion Views: 75   replies: 11
Started By: Painsponge (Feb 27 2015 07:13 PM)
Last Reply: LtLaszlo (Yesterday, 09:21 PM)
Glad your okay Pain! You weren't burning one at the time, were you?! If so, it would be your fault, no matter what!!
Canadians "Spock" their $5 bills in General Discussion Views: 51   replies: 2
Started By: DEEJAYKEG (Yesterday, 11:36 AM)
Last Reply: DEEJAYKEG (Yesterday, 09:19 PM)
Why would that be strange......      Wake Up , Time To...
A true story! lol in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 29   replies: 1
Started By: BigPapaDean (Mar 01 2015 05:51 PM)
Last Reply: eidolonFIRE (Yesterday, 09:03 PM)
Yep....  pretty much.... oddly enough 10 minutes ago I was having lunch with a co-worker from Taiwan and he had a $2 in his wallet. He was asking me if it's real. He thought we only had 1-5-10-20-50-100 bills.
Please Welcome Predat0r To Our Clan in Clan Membership Views: 103   replies: 33
Started By: ROCKAPE (Feb 28 2015 11:02 AM)
Last Reply: Predat0r (Yesterday, 07:48 PM)
ty all
Scrim team in Battlefield 4 Views: 247   replies: 36
Started By: Stringer (Feb 26 2015 05:11 AM)
Last Reply: Stringer (Yesterday, 07:23 PM)
If anyone else wants to get on the us team pm or post here. If you would want to be a squad leader let me know. US TEAM AlphaSquad Leader Stringer403Riffle Man huskeryuSniper Buddy
Post pics of your lets see what people look like in General Discussion Views: 7809   replies: 338
Started By: Stringer (Feb 10 2015 11:31 PM)
Last Reply: Joe Canadian (Yesterday, 07:11 PM)
Seeing this picture reminded me of a song I heard on Brickleberry not long ago. 
great tunes.... in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 24171   replies: 1616
Started By: Unchileno (Sep 06 2010 01:53 PM)
Last Reply: JohnnyDos (Yesterday, 07:02 PM)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc8QuobuGHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gptRvXfkhvc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sih9OVokuQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8zGcdsZZ4...
What I do when i'm not Playing videogames in General Discussion Views: 614   replies: 64
Started By: Gam3rGurL (Feb 17 2015 07:56 PM)
Last Reply: Gam3rGurL (Yesterday, 06:36 PM)
@ XJOKERX___nl thanks well I'm on there most days Thanks all I'm glad u enjoy seeing my work I'll make sure to post more for you all to see
Fat Tire is XI worthy.... in Introductions Views: 129   replies: 20
Started By: Fat Tire (Jan 18 2015 05:16 AM)
Last Reply: XxSNO0PxX  (Yesterday, 06:02 PM)
Welcome Fat Tire, Cya in FT
24 Photos you need to look twice at to understand in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 74   replies: 5
Started By: Sonovabich (Yesterday, 09:02 AM)
Last Reply: dandude1 (Yesterday, 04:23 PM)
i love it 10/10