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XI is an adult clan with no prohibitions on use of language except for two primary rules: no racist remarks, and no personal attacks. You need to check your sensitive feelings at the door when you come here: if you don't like it, don't look at it or don't comment on it. If you believe someone has broken one of our rules, let an admin know and we will take action as needed. We also do not tolerate cheating or disrespect by members or guests, and insist on good sportsmanship. Violations can lead to permanent bans. We play for fun, we play with honor, and we strive to treat each other with respect and consideration. No one, member or guest, is above our Code.

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>XI< Clan Membership is by Admin invite only. If you are a regular player on our servers and are interested in joining >XI< then you will eventually get approached by a server admin.

Simple as that really... if you play with us, are fun and fit in you will receive an invite.

Our admins are not obligated to give out invitations and asking/harassing for them may harm your chances of becoming a member in the future.

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Crysis Wars is back!

We are back running Crysis Wars servers through the CryServ Network! Click the CryServ logo for information on how to join!

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Dolphin>XI<, RustyRifle>XI<, Casper>XI<, Killa>XI<

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Latest Posts
Happy Birthday Wolf44 in User Announcements Views: 7   replies: 5
Started By: Gatorgirl (Today, 06:10 PM)
Last Reply: KenMan (Today, 08:02 PM)
Happy birthday Wolf, have a great day.
happy birthday ramistar in User Announcements Views: 27   replies: 18
Started By: Sally (Today, 02:53 PM)
Last Reply: KenMan (Today, 08:01 PM)
Happy birthday Ramistar, have a great day.
Happy Birthday Gunner66 in User Announcements Views: 8   replies: 6
Started By: Gatorgirl (Today, 06:09 PM)
Last Reply: KenMan (Today, 08:00 PM)
Happy birthday Gunner, have a great day.
Is your Marriage in trouble? This should help . . . . in General Discussion Views: 44   replies: 10
Started By: Leadfinger (Today, 07:48 AM)
Last Reply: Sammy (Today, 07:56 PM)
This article was published in 1955. Blow jobs were not invented until 1973, hence why they're not included on this list
No video to 4K TV after windows loads in Computer Help Views: 3   replies: 0
Started By: LiquidStool (Today, 07:22 PM)
Last Reply: LiquidStool (Today, 07:22 PM)
Hey guys, help a brother out before i smash the fucking lot up!! so, im connecting my Nvidia GTX670 (i know, don't mock) to my Samsung 4K tv via HDMI.  I get no picture at all except entry to the bios....
mp_mohaa_dv and mp_hohbv4 in Call Of Duty 4 Views: 7   replies: 1
Started By: P!nk (Today, 06:30 PM)
Last Reply: dadda2 (Today, 07:21 PM)
map moved to different rotation  server needs restart
new map rotations cod4 for mw2 in Call Of Duty 4 Views: 64   replies: 10
Started By: dadda2 (Mar 01 2015 09:56 AM)
Last Reply: Tim (Today, 06:23 PM)
Alright, will do 
Happy B-Day Alegzander beech!!!!!!!!!! in User Announcements Views: 43   replies: 17
Started By: google (Mar 02 2015 01:37 PM)
Last Reply: alegzander (Today, 06:05 PM)
XI ladies check this out! single man available in General Discussion Views: 10   replies: 1
Started By: Joe Canadian (Today, 05:34 PM)
Last Reply: TBB (Today, 05:48 PM)
Single man looking for the right woman or weirdo (TBB, you available?).  http://youtu.be/wRGQO-7h0tA
Always flush the toliet BEFORE using in Australia... in General Discussion Views: 23   replies: 3
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Today, 01:36 PM)
Last Reply: little_old_man (Today, 05:46 PM)
That is scary... I hate spiders.But what the fuck is with that toilet? Dont they have low flows yet down there?
Can anyone identify this military looking vehicle and the markings on the side? in General Discussion Views: 17   replies: 1
Started By: hxtr (Today, 05:41 PM)
Last Reply: TBB (Today, 05:45 PM)
That's a Hxtr mobile - armored to ward off all the FU insults hurled regularly - additionally the armor keeps some of the Hxtr odor f...
Happy Birthday MacDaddy! in User Announcements Views: 47   replies: 24
Started By: TheLastColdBeer (Yesterday, 11:32 AM)
Last Reply: Vincent (Today, 05:37 PM)
Happy Birthday MacDaddy!
XI SHIRTS ARE IN!!!! JUST GOT MINE! in General Discussion Views: 142   replies: 15
Started By: JohnnieNashville (Yesterday, 12:03 AM)
Last Reply: JohnnieNashville (Today, 05:27 PM)
Pictures!!! We must have PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JN
Married 23 years today in User Announcements Views: 52   replies: 22
Started By: Hunter (Yesterday, 11:56 PM)
Last Reply: Vincent (Today, 05:18 PM)
21 questions Australia has for the USA in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 117   replies: 34
Started By: DEEJAYKEG (Yesterday, 09:30 PM)
Last Reply: Sonovabich (Today, 04:28 PM)
This is similar to a Scone but we call it a "Dumpling" or a "Cobbler" as in Mince and Dumplings or Mince Cobbler, Luvvly Jubbly
XI_SNIPER Server for COD5 in User Announcements Views: 122   replies: 20
Started By: Labob (Mar 01 2015 02:50 PM)
Last Reply: 2_MANY_BEERS (Today, 04:19 PM)
Thank you beers how about an address for those maps ? Sitting in other peolpes sniper server to get maps is a drag
Post pics of your lets see what people look like in General Discussion Views: 7888   replies: 339
Started By: Stringer (Feb 10 2015 11:31 PM)
Last Reply: BillyBuerst (Today, 04:13 PM)
What's your opinion on this video? in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 28   replies: 4
Started By: BigPapaDean (Today, 11:46 AM)
Last Reply: Labob (Today, 04:09 PM)
I feel so sorry for the teen aged girl 
World at War - FFA Server in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 32   replies: 6
Started By: DogYears (Today, 06:55 AM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 03:07 PM)
Oh man SlowFry was on and I missed him?!?!?!??! Shit.. maybe next time.Take care Doggie but don't let one of us Idiots run you off. As for SlowFry he is special ED like me and quite a few others. Takes one of us to appreciate his humor....
>XI< Tshirts will be shipped out next week in Community News Views: 320   replies: 40
Started By: Ruggerxi (Feb 20 2015 01:41 PM)
Last Reply: Ruggerxi (Today, 02:52 PM)
Last batch of shirts will be going out tomorrow
Hmm, have I done this already? in Introductions Views: 24   replies: 4
Started By: TheEnemy (Today, 05:06 AM)
Last Reply: LaRSin (Today, 02:37 PM)
Welcome to the forum and enjoy the servers
Dress Color in General Discussion Views: 178   replies: 26
Started By: Devildog4355 (Feb 27 2015 03:49 AM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:27 PM)
I can say I am glad I avoid Twitter 100%. What a worthless top for the world to be discussing.
i comme back in Call Of Duty World At War Views: 31   replies: 7
Started By: R I P (Today, 06:05 AM)
Last Reply: hxtr (Today, 02:20 PM)
Welcome back RIP!
Old fucks:) in User Announcements Views: 24   replies: 1
Started By: moron_6 (Today, 09:51 AM)
Last Reply: Damage_inc- (Today, 11:45 AM)
take your pik,
BF4 Patch all net-codes fixed finally in General Discussion Views: 86   replies: 10
Started By: TheHammer007 (Yesterday, 10:39 AM)
Last Reply: DEEJAYKEG (Today, 11:14 AM)
They actually fixed the game?  Like SOB says, I wonder...
Joe Cartoon in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 17   replies: 2
Started By: Mule (Today, 06:30 AM)
Last Reply: Blackbart (Today, 08:05 AM)
Joe Cartoon is classic...
FU MEDAL in General Discussion Views: 81   replies: 17
Started By: BillyBuerst (Yesterday, 05:55 PM)
Last Reply: Leadfinger (Today, 07:24 AM)
Ahhh, wrong kind of Medal  . . . . . . oh well ...
Half time! in Jokes and Misc stuff Views: 8   replies: 0
Started By: Mule (Today, 06:13 AM)
Last Reply: Mule (Today, 06:13 AM)
An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows when the old man passes gas and says, 'Seven Points.'His wife rolls over and says, 'What in the world was that?' The old man replied, 'its fart football.'A few minutes later his wife...